YOU did it! You went down to the Registrar of Voters,filed your paperwork, and now you will be on the ballot in June!
Wow, that was something, wasn't it? Getting all those signatures on your forms and then getting it down to the office by the 03/09/12 deadline. Aren't you glad you're done?
Well, not so fast, you want to get elected, right? You NEED to get your name out there. Remember, there will be multiple people running in your district and some of those people are already members of the Central Committee.
Here are a few tips I went over during our February TEA Party meeting at Andre's and they may help you jump start some ideas of your own as the June 5th election draws near.
I ordered POSTCARDS like these from Vista Print
Make sure you hand them out to whomever you speak to about Central committe in your district. Give some to your family and friends to hand out. Also, it's a good idea to ask the local mini mart/deli etc. if you can place these on the counter by the register. Just 10 or 15, since not may people will take them, but everyone paying for their items will look down again and again over time and see your name and Central Committee. This will go a long way to name recognition on election day!
Now, you may want to order 4 - 8 SMALL YARD SIGNS
and place these at the entrances/exits of the busiest intersections or freeways in your district or near your house. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DRIVE BACK AND FORTH DAILY and you want them to see your name! They will notice simply because the Central Committee is something they are not used to seeing and, since we already know that not too many people know what that is exactly, it isreally an attention getter!
This is the BEST WAY, I think, to get your name out there in your district and take care of all the errands you have to do. Think of it as multitasking!
Car Door Magnets
can be placed on you car, SUV, or truck and as you are driving around your district dropping the kids off at school or soccer practice, picking up dry cleaning, or grocery shopping.  Anything that will get you in front of people so they can SEE THOSE MAGNETS will help with people remembering your name come election day!
I drove around the week before and the week during the arrival of the mail in ballots and also the week before and the day of the election with magnets on the back of my SUV. Believe me, people stuck on the 52 going to and from work saw those signs, whether they wanted to or not!
Now, this is a great idea and one that I used for the mail in ballot voters, as well as for the voters that still head out to the polls.
The California Voter Guide
sends out mailers to the registered voters of your party, in your district, along with the candidates for Assembly, City Council, Congress, etc. It costs more for the higher offices and, for Central Committee, you are basically paying for printing and mailing costs. They know that you are running for what is really an "elected volunteer postiion" and they charge accordingly. Now, you won't get a picture next to your name, nothing fancy but you will have your name on the guide and delivered to every registered voter in your party. There is no way that you are going to go out and get speak to every single voter and this helps a great deal when it comes to name recognition on the ballot.
Okay, good luck to everyone and please think positive thoughts for me, too! There is no way of knowing if you will get elected or not until the final vote tally so think postive, put in some time with the voters of your district, and prepare to be elected!

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