WELCOME to our SANTEE Republican Women Federated Blog!

I want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have a big job and a great deal of hard work coming our way as we head towards the much anticipated 2012 elections.

I know that you are all aware that this election is the MUST WIN election and the most important election that this country has ever had.

THIS election will decide to whom this country belongs to - WE THE PEOPLE or a group of corrupt, socialist agenda driven, traitors and elites - willing to undermine the Constitution and the foundations of law that govern OUR country.

So lets get to work, WE THE PEOPLE didn't put up a For Sale sign on the Statue of Liberty, this country is OURS and is not for sale to the highest bidder or to be given up for "donation" to the many political agendas that make up the "Global Community"

Maggie Acerra
2/6/2012 23:41:31

I am glad see your website up and running. My name is Rogelio Gloria. I am running for U.S. Senate. Checkout my website at: http://gloriaforcongress.weebly.com.


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